The Top Esports Games in 2021 – Part 2


The Top Esports Games in 2021 – Part 2

We are back with the second half of our list of Top Esports Games! If you missed part one you can find the link here!   Now to continue with our list! Shifting genres again, this time we’ll start with […]


The Top Esports Games in 2021 – Part 1

  You’re ready to start hosting esports tournaments at last. You have your platform (Hopefully built using one of Skywarriors’ high quality themes of course) and you have your sights set on the target market. But which games are you […]


Hosting A Successful Battle Royale Tournament

While Battle Royale games have been around in one form or another for a long time, the real craze took off in 2017 with the beta release of Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds. It was buggy and laggy and badly optimised. But […]


Tips & Tricks for creating an online Esports Tournament Platform

Stepping into the crowded world of hosting Online Tournaments can feel daunting at first, wondering how you’re gonna stand out or maintain enough traction to build a following and see return on your investments. And it is understandable, Tournament Organisations […]