Google Trends and Applying Keywords: Absolute Website Basics

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One of the best and worst parts of SEO is that it’s so intricate. Now that you know some of the absolute basics about keywords, let’s dive a little further into the best methods on how to apply them. Today, […]

SEO Keyword and Ranking: Absolute Website Basics

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Let’s talk about SEO and how it’s single-handedly the most important thing to always keep in mind when designing and maintaining a website. This can be helped by using a good SEO Keyword. First off, what is SEO? Search Engine […]

Xbox Series X and PS5 Pre-Orders? More like XBotch and PS Zero In Stock

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Just because we’re no longer arguing about Nintendo and Sega nowadays, doesn’t mean the console war ever actually died down. The Xbox and PlayStation fan bases have been going head-to-head for nearly two decades already. But, the war for the […]

How to speed up your website

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“40% of people abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load.” – Neil Patel WordPress gaming themes are a hot thing these days. Unfortunately, with those useful things comes a heavy load. Gaming themes are most likely […]

Best WordPress Gaming Themes in 2021

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The best gaming industry has, in quite some time, been the most successful and profitable sector. A whole lot of kids were raised on video games during the last decade. So it’s no surprise that in 2019 the industry generated […]

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A Guide to Creating an Awesome Gaming Community

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In order to create a community around your game you need to invest in a lot of time and the process does take time. You need to plan something that will be enjoyed by most people which means something that […]

The Importance of Having a Website for an eSports Team

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eSports is currently one of the fastest and biggest growing online market today. Livewire recent report showing that up until a few years ago the top 10 of the eSports companies were paying out around $71 million prizes, which is […]

How To Make A Gaming Website With WordPress?

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Games have a vast verity. Whether it’s a 50-year-old or a teenager, all kinds of age groups are drawn to the idea of gaming. In modern days the gaming world has also been improved. You can connect to everybody globally […]

WordPress Security – 10 Ways to Protect Your Site 

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When it comes to hacking or compromising WordPress sites, hackers or cyber criminals do not differentiate between a small business or a large corporation. Why? Most attacks are automated and aim to spread their activities across the internet so they […]

10 Best WordPress Video Themes of 2018

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Are you looking for Well recommended WordPress Video themes for your Website? Then you are in the right article. As you all know WordPress is the best platform for creating a video website. Vlogging these days are on trend these days. […]