Step by Step Guide To Creating Your Own WordPress Gaming Website

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Step by Step Guide To Creating Your Own WordPress Gaming Website

Posted on Jul 15, 15 at 1:51 pm / No comments  

Do you love playing games online? If so, you have probably thought a couple of times now about having your own gaming website. We decided to lend a helping hand, so today’s article will be about how to create your own gaming website with wordpress themes.


This is a step by step guide to WordPress gaming website aimed at helping you to create your own gaming website. We gathered the most up to date information there is in order to make the website creation process as easy as possible for you.

1.     First things first

Buy a domain name and web host

To create your own gaming website there are two things that you need to do first:

You need to buy a domain name and a web host; practically you need an address for your website and an “accommodation” place where your website will be stored online.

Important: The Domain name should be connected with the web host and gaming.

The most common domains are .com, .net, .org; they give a more professional look to your website. As a gaming website, you want people to trust it, therefore you need a great domain.

Useful tip: The website’s name should be something easy to remember, catchy, and clear.

Most of those who have already created their own gaming website recommend using the domain provider FatCow. “The reason?” you might ask… FatCow gives you a free Domain name along with the hosting, plus their server is 99.9% uptime.

But there are many other providers for web hosting and domain name, so it is up to you to decide which one works best for your particular WordPress gaming website.

Choose a platform – WordPress

A few years back, creating a website was quite a complicated thing. Back then people used HTML code to build the sites. It was extremely difficult to edit, update or work on the website if you had no coding knowledge.

Luckily, nowadays things got much easier thanks to WordPress. Plus, there are several other CMS (content management systems) or web platforms that are available online so you can build the website and manage its content fast and easy.

Nonetheless, WordPress is the most popular of them all. Why?

WordPress is free

WordPress is free and it is really accessible to everyone. This is a great option if you want to save some money, especially for those who have just started creating their gaming websites.

Perfect for beginners

So regardless of whether you are a beginner or not, WordPress is intuitive and easy to use, so you don\t need any technological knowledge to start a great gaming website that attracts thousands of visitors. If you know how to use Microsoft Word, you’ll definitely get around with WordPress. It’s really that easy!

100% mobile friendly

Another reason is that the platform is mobile-friendly. You can create content, edit it, and check for updates from any smartphone, mobile device, or tablet.

It’s flexible

Also, WordPress is created in such a way that it can support any type of website (especially gaming websites!), because it allows the installation of plugins and widgets which can increase its potential.

2.     Installing WordPress: step by step

Once you bought the domain name, found the right hosting, and downloaded WordPress, the next thing is installing WordPress on your gaming website.

If you are wondering how to install WordPress there are a few steps you need to follow:

  1. The first thing you need to do is to download the most recent version of WordPress. You can do that from
  2. Then you need to upload the files by FTP to the web server
  3. Create a MySQL database for WordPress to use.
  4. Finally, complete the installation process by going through all the installation steps.

Tip: Many hosting companies have a 1-click WordPress installation button, so the installation process is just a couple of clicks away. Really, really simple. So don’t forget to ask your hosting buddy about whether they can give a helping hand with installing WordPress on your website.

Bonus Tip: You can ask a professional programmer to this for you, especially if you are not an internet geek. A programmer has extensive knowledge in the field, so he’ll know what you’re talking about. Plus, he can do it in half the time it will take you to do it. Keep in mind that you might get stuck during the installation process, so in order to run everything smoothly and quickly, the programmer might be the best solution for you.

3.     Choose the best gaming theme for you – Blackfyre

Even if you already have a gaming website or you are just getting started but you don’t want your gaming website to look simple, then the Blackfyre theme is perfect for you. If you are like us, you want your theme to be super-appealing to the eye and have all the necessary features to help you create a successful WordPress gaming website.

Not only is it a new theme (so there aren’t a lot of gaming websites using it, which gives Blackfyre a unique appeal), but it also includes a wide variety of features which will improve your website.


Good to know! You have probably seen that there are loads of free themes available online. Everyone is tempted by the “free” word. But pay extra attention to these free themes, because they usually have bugs and can do more damage than good.

With Blackfyre you can have instant access to:

  • Gaming communities – You can create these so gamers can keep in touch with each other
  • Organize and check the matches and fights – For having more fun in the company of your users & gamers
  • Establish clans – who doesn’t want to be part of one? Especially if it’s a game you love, like Dota, CS, WoW, MU, Clash of Titans, etc.
  • Full admin control – You have absolute control of the website
  • SEO ready – SEO is the abbreviation for Search Engine Optimisation. It is a series of data, algorithms, and online strategies that help your website to get more traffic and get it among the first search results on Google.
  • Translate ready – This means that the theme supports multiple languages, so gamers from all over the world can access your website. However, the theme will be optimised to appeal to the gamers from your country, or those gamers speaking your language (which doesn’t necessarily have to be English). The theme also supports a wide variety of symbols and letters, so you can write the content using diacritics.
  • Unlimited colours – So you can have a wide range of options to choose from and design the WordPress gaming website with the colours you like the most
  • Support forum – So you and your users can get & give help if you have troubles with the games. Sharing is caring, so a forum is the right place to ask for tips, tricks and shortcuts in games. Plus, it is an easy way of creating content that is relevant to your audience – and the best thing about it is that you’re not creating it, your users are!
  • Cross-browser compatible – Refers to the website’s functionality capability, therefore it can be accesses from any browser, be it desktop or mobile friendly: Opera, Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and even Internet Explorer.
  • Video blocks
  • Fully responsive design – For the best interaction experience and viewing of the website from all types of screens, including desktop PC, laptop, tablets and smartphones.
  • Animated images and icons
  • Rating system, widgets included – This feature encourages gamers to push the button: give a like, share on social media and increase the website’s popularity. You can also add a comments plug-in. This way the gamers on your website can comment and give their thoughts on articles, video articles, and more. There are always new ways of improving your website, so don’t shy away from trying them all!
  • Page builder with many blocks, with drag and drop option – You just drag and drop in order to arrange your page. Fast & easy!
  • WooCommerce support – WooCommerce is the most popular plug-in for WordPress, allowing you to sell items and earn money with your website. Who said WordPress gaming websites are all hobbies and no income?
  • Extensive options by Theme barracks:
    • Blog options
    • Footer options
    • Typography options
    • Social media options
    • Upload your own backgrounds
    • SEO options
    • jQuery page slider turn on/off option
  • And more…

Bonus tip: Do not worry that changing your theme will automatically erase the content of the website, because this won’t happen. You can change the theme as many times as you want without damaging the content on your website. So go ahead and try Blackfyre, see just how well it compliments your content!

Basic installation of Blackfyre

There isn’t much of a philosophy to install Blackfyre. It works just like WordPress, it’s just a few clicks away. If you still find yourself unsuccessful with the installation process, you can ask a programmer to do it for you. Plus, we’re always here to help through our Support feature, so don’t hesitate to ask.

After installing Blackfyre you can start creating the content.

4.     Final step: turning your website into an online gaming superstar

Whether you have just finished creating your gaming website, or you have been using for quite a while, it is always a good idea to check for new ways of improving your website.

Creating an SEO optimised WordPress gaming website

If you own a gaming website or any other kind of website, you want it to be in the first results of search engines, you want it to be highly popular. In order to do that, there are some simple tips you can follow, but improving the SEO rate of the website is among the most important.


First of all, WordPress is already a nice platform for SEO, but as always you can do something to make it even better. With the help of the SEO by Yoast plugin, the content on your website can get even better in the eyes of search engines like Google.

This plugin requires you to choose a keyword that is relevant for your article; the plugin will then analyse the number of keyword occurrences throughout your article, determining if the SEO rate of the article is poor, good, or excellent.

Bonus Tip: As explained earlier, Blackfyre includes this SEO plugin as well as many other SEO-friendly features. When you use Blackfyre you can have a professional and functional gaming website, and at the same time a website that is popular and easy to find online.

Now is your turn…

  • What challenges have you faced when you first installed a theme for your gaming website?
  • What do you think are the main features of a WordPress gaming theme? Have you found them all in the theme you are currently using?
  • What other pieces of advice would you add to this step by step guide to WordPress gaming website?

Tell the Skywarriors Themes team your thoughts in the comment section bellow, we’ll be there replying!

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