Myths About The Gaming Industry

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Myths About The Gaming Industry

Posted on Oct 21, 15 at 2:02 pm / No comments  

How many things have you heard about the gaming industry over the years? How many do you think are true?

Gaming Myths

There’s a ton of myths about every industry, but we bet gaming surpasses them all!

There are a lot of misconceptions running wild about the gaming industry. You probably heard most of them, but if you are a gamer you most likely know what is true and what is false.

We decided to make things clear about some of the most frequent myths about gaming.

1. Gamers spend their entire day playing video games

Gamers enjoy to play video games, but they don’t spend their entire day doing just that. There are two categories of gamers: gamers that work in the gaming industry and gamers that just like to play video games.

The first category of gamers, although working in the gaming industry, are not playing all day long. That’s not what working in the gaming industry means. Creating a video game takes time, knowledge, creativity, and testing procedures.

The second category of gamers, although they enjoy playing video games, cannot spend the entire day on gaming. Many of them are working, attending school, or they spend time with their family members.

Of course, we all heard about several cases when people played games all day long – but that’s just the exception that confirms the rule.

2. If you’re a gamer, you are a programmer/tech savvy

Whether they like playing video games or they are working in the gaming industry, it does not mean that gamers know programming or that they are tech savvy. Gaming does not equal tech knowledge.

Indeed, there are gamers who know programming, but to create a game, you need more than just the guy who knows how technology works.

3. Gaming is not a real job

This is one of the most common misconceptions about the gaming industry: gaming is not a real job. The truth is that gaming IS a real job and people working in the gaming industry can earn more money than you’ve imagined.

Plus there are a lot of people and companies who invest in the gaming industry. The industry has developed considerably in the past years.

To make a point, the gaming industry brings together:

  • Players (who organize in teams, also known as eSports)
  • Designers
  • Storytellers
  • Programmers
  • Gaming communities
  • Tournament organizers
  • and more (have we missed anyone? Let us know in the Comments section)

Check for instance some splendid wordpress gaming themes made by gamers for gamers!

4. Gamers are socially isolated

This is another common myth about gaming. A myth that puts a lot of parents on edge for years, every time they see their children playing video games.

But that’s all that the phrase is, a myth. Truth is that most video games involve the participation of many other players. And gaming communities are quite strong; players might be fighting on the screen, but they might be best friends in real life.

And the fact that people organize live tournaments where tens of eSports teams gather together to play, just goes to show the myth is really BUSTED.

5. Video games lead to youth violence

Because there is a large plethora of video games that involve shooting, crimes, and fighting, parents are worried that playing this type of games encourage a violent behavior in their children.

The truth is that, according to researchers, people who commit violent crimes usually have less contact with media before committing any crime. And most people who play video games are less likely to perform antisocial acts.

These are just some of the misconceptions that people have about the gaming industry, which the Skywarrior themes team has heard about!

Now back to you…

What myths have you heard about the gaming industry?

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