Tips, Tricks, and Fundingpress To Make Your Crowdfunding Site Successful!

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Tips, Tricks, and Fundingpress To Make Your Crowdfunding Site Successful!

Posted on Sep 30, 15 at 1:00 pm / No comments  

Are you interested in creating a crowdfunding site, successful and yet affordable? In today’s article we have set you with several tips and an amazing theme to make people instantly love your project with Skywarrior templates!


Nowadays, the world is facing with numerous problems, from global warming to diseases, violence, abandon, and more… And although some things might be out of our hands, there are other things that we can do something about.

Creating a crowdfunding site to make a difference in the lives of those who need it is more than just a good idea. Because it is online, you can gather funds from people all over the world and really help those in need.

In order for people to trust in your crowdfunding site, it should have a professional yet inspiring look. Moreover, how you decide to tell the story can draw more people or it can make them look the other way around.

Choose the place first – Fundingpress theme

The place where you choose to gather your people to engage in your project is important. As we said before, looks are vital, as they are the first contact that people have with you. So, your crowdfunding site should look professional and yet appealing.

Fundingpress is a WordPress theme specially designed for crowdfunding projects. It is not only easy to use, but it has wonderful features, allowing you to monitor your project as it goes.

FundingPress Template

Tell your story with passion

For people to start funding your project it must inspire trust. And trust comes from the emotion that you send through your story. There are many crowdfunding sites out there and some are for real causes and some are not.

So, speak from the heart and show passion towards your project. People need to believe in your story before making any decision, and they believe in devotion. Words like “experience”, “together”, and “discover” can really make a difference for your story.


And to really make a great first impression to those who are thinking of funding your project, with Fundingpress you can choose between hundreds of fonts, styles, and colors to make your website really worth a visit.

Use positive words and talk to your reader

Studies have shown that words such as “even a dollar”, “not been able”, and “hope to get” are not making people to engage in your project. Instead words like “given the chance”, “we can afford”, and “also receive” have shown that have more power for people.

Also, it is important for people to feel that you are speaking to them, to the one reading the story. So, write with “you” and “us” to make them feel a part of your project, to give them a sense of teamwork.

A photo is worth a thousand words

Photos and videos are essential in making people interested in your project. This is why you should always take all your photos and videos at high quality to create the emotion you want.

With the parallax blocks and layerslider at Fundingpress you can choose multiple photos to impress your crowd and make them instantly in love with your project.

Keep your readers updated to your project

As the owner of the crowdfunding site, you can determine the time length of your project, but of course that also depends on the type of your project.

For longer periods of time, you can keep your readers up to date about it. With the blogging pages from Fundingpress, you can write once or twice a week a short story about how things are evolving.


By keeping them engaged in your project, you maintain a relationship with your people and a level of confidence which might bring new people to your project.

Now is your turn…

  • Have you ever tried creating a crowdfunding site? What were your challenges?
  • What else do you think it would make a crowdfunding site successful?

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