Useful Criteria In Choosing The Perfect WordPress Gaming Themes For Your Website

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Useful Criteria In Choosing The Perfect WordPress Gaming Themes For Your Website

Posted on Mar 20, 15 at 3:25 pm / No comments  

Are you looking for a new gaming theme for your website, but feel overwhelmed by the wide range of options? It’s time to get rid of this analysis paralysis. Here are the most useful tips to help you choose the right WordPress gaming themes for you.

Write the LIST (or choosing the features you need)

Why would you use a theme that is specially created for gamers instead of a normal WordPress theme? Gaming themes are created with the hot cougar end user in mind: you, the gamer. They have features specially designed for gamers, their design is representative for the gaming industry.

If you want to create a professional looking gaming website, then WordPress gaming themes are a great place to start. So before you head out searching for gaming themes, take a few minutes to decide WHY you want such a theme, and WHAT you are going to use it for.

In other words, determine the Scope of your website:

  • Will it be a gaming blog?
  • Do you want to build a gaming magazine?
  • Do you need a gaming theme for clans?
  • Do you want to sell on your gaming website?
  • What are the main features you want your gaming theme to include?
  • How much are you willing to spend on your new gaming theme?

SEO plugins are a must

To get results with your gaming theme you need to have a good SEO strategy in place. It all starts with ensuring that your WordPress gaming theme is optimized for SEO.

Most themes use a SEO plugin, and one of the best plugins out there is “SEO by Yoast”. The plugin helps you optimize your website for great search results rankings, it checks the quality of your gaming articles, and among others, it prompts you to use MetaTags for every piece of content you add on your website.

Free themes vs. Premium gaming themes

Bonus Tip: Stay away from free WordPress themes. Why? Often times, people think they’re saving money downloading free WordPress gaming themes. However, they fail to see the threats posed by a free theme:

  • Poorly coded
  • Can give errors and it will take you a lifetime to troubleshoot them
  • May not work as expected
  • Waste of time

There are some free gaming website themes that are decently coded and work well, but chances are you will not stumble upon them very easily. By contrast, paid themes present numerous advantages. Perhaps the only drawback (although it’s not really a drawback) is the fact that… well, they are paid.

Here is a short list of features that make a paid WordPress gaming theme your number one choice for your website:

  1. Constant updates – It’s the number one reason why you should invest in paid WordPress gaming themes. With WordPress constantly evolving and updating its CMS, it’s of core importance that your theme is also up to date (mainly for security reasons).
  2. Ongoing customer support – Is something not working as expected with your theme? Do you have problems installing a plugin or choosing a feature? A free theme will let you troubleshoot on your own, but with a paid theme you can solve any issue in a matter of minutes.
  3. Customizable to the point where it is less recognizable – You want a website that is you, as unique as possible. Thanks to the numerous customization features of a paid WordPress theme you can personalize your website as you wish.
  4. Documentation available upon purchase – When you buy a WordPress gaming theme you are offered a PDF file explaining how to get the most out of your theme.
  5. Compatible with most browsers – the theme should be compatible with the most popular browsers out there: Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera. Yes, that includes IE too.

Last but not least, search for a theme that is clean and simple. Gaming designers might fall into the trap of creating overcrowded themes. The main rule of thumb is: if it looks busy, stay away from it.

Easily choose the best WordPress gaming theme for you:

  1. Orizon – gaming template for WP gaming, news, and entertainment content
  2. Oblivion – multi-purpose gaming theme
  3. Blackfyre – for gaming communities
  4. Game Addict – for Clan wars

Which one is your favourite? Let us know in the Comments section.


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