How To Make A Gaming Website With WordPress?

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How To Make A Gaming Website With WordPress?

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Games have a vast verity. Whether it’s a 50-year-old or a teenager, all kinds of age groups are drawn to the idea of gaming. In modern days the gaming world has also been improved. You can connect to everybody globally and enjoy it at its maximum. With that, the ease of starting a gaming content website has contributed to this popularity. Any new idea is welcome in the gaming can be presented online in the form of game reviews, gaming event information, e-commerce shops, and products. Blogs and vlogs are also getting famous along the time. Streaming communities and many more formats also come under this category. Creating a website that accommodates gaming content is getting more accessible with the help of gaming WordPress themes and plugins.

Using WordPress to Create Gaming Websites

There are various ways to start a successful career in the gaming niche. We will talk about a few ways to do it in the following:

Creating a Gaming Community Magazine Website:

Gaming sites that are based on discussion provides a source of content for the games. Because of this, the community-driven websites are on the top of the list. The gaming websites take the idea of the gamer and recreate the game accordingly, Gamer online communities are vibrant, and there are plenty of web services that cater to these groups. Many websites are doing that already. They provide all kinds of sources. Some of the popular gaming websites are also offering the discussion portal to grab new ideas. To create a community-focused content site, it is necessary to choose the right WordPress theme and suitable plugins to go with it.

Community Functionality:

For the discussion forum, you need to add functional and useful plugins to attract gamers. There are a lot of ways to handle this situation. Some people swear by the old-fashion-way of using forum plugins, while others suggest adding plugins with more complexity and capabilities. They will include; private chats, group massages, registering profiles as well as discussion walls.  There shouldn’t be a lack of product updates and development, or it will put off the gamer from the site. Some developers make their gaming themes and functionality according to their website needs. They would include individual member profiles, rating stars, and badges this way. The authors can take the recommendation of the gamers and improve the game if needed. Clans, leader boards as well as achievement board is a marketing way to keep your players on the site because of competition. Match templates is another attention-grabbing way to get more gamers!

IGaming and Reviewing Websites:

An often-over-looked segment of gaming is “iGaming,” or more commonly referred to as gambling. It is mostly just a lucrative part of the market. Over a decade ago, instead of going to arenas, casinos, and clubs, the gambling industry came online to catch more people around the globe.  Needless to say, that many websites are targeting this audience, and the WordPress products are catering for them since they are the money makers of the gaming industry.

The gambling industry is not just poker; it’s betting on games like sports or even more games. But online poker took all the fame. Though it’s just a card game, the betting makes it interesting, so exciting that it’s currently the US’s most played game. The millions of dollars’ prize tournaments have attracted international attention throughout the past two decades. Poker caught the eye of the audience so much that some of them even left their jobs and started their careers in it.

Review sites come in handy at this time. People, who are investing all their money, search up on poker review sites to find authentic and good poker sites to have a successful gamble. Since the betting is of millions of dollars, players need to be sure about the websites first.

Apart from that, the gaming templates may get a bit complex for some people. They need content writers to write about the upcoming tournaments and publishing. With that, they also write how to play, the poker strategies, as well as other related news.

Creating a Live-Streaming Gaming Websites:

The growing interest in eSports, console games, and new video-streaming sites has sparked a new wave for live-streaming content. Nowadays, podcasts have earned a high spot. Most of the gamers online make a decent earning from live gameplay and single-person gaming podcast. YouTube is the primary source of live video content, while Facebook provides a platform for players to stream too. Since the value of online gaming is increasing, channel owners are expected to diversify their content.

Process of Creating WordPress Gaming Website

There’s always a risk that a third-party provider might take down your channel, so it’s common that streamers form a group and build their website where they are in total control of. They control what is published and who they are showing it to – especially if the site has its members section.  The smart thing to do is to send traffic to your website from the large streaming networks and grow your community of audience.

  1. Create a Plan

Just like the games themselves, gaming websites have various ways. Some of the essential techniques are:

  • Gaming blogs.
  • Developer or publisher gaming websites.
  • Personal websites for game streamers.
  • Gaming server websites.

Though all of these comes from different places, they are all considered under the gaming category.

When it comes to creating your website, you need to have a clear idea about themes for gaming in mind. Take notes on what you want on your gaming website and what type of content you want to publish. This is an essential first step because it will set up your base for the site. This has a significant impact on the domain name of the website, as well. Our primary focus is setting up a website for a gaming server.

gaming websites by wordpress

  1. Domain Registration

Being the creator of the website has its perks. You can have fun while choosing the domain name. Usually, it is recommended to stick with an appropriate name, jokes, puns, and sarcasm is not appreciated. Mainly related to whatever you’re writing about. However, it depends on you solely as it’s your area of creativity, as long as you keep it concise, unique, and memorable.

At this point, you should already know what kind of gaming website you want to build, and you might have some names picked out too. Your next move should be to check their availability. Once you find a name that is available and according to your likings, go ahead and register it!

  1. Get a Web Hosting Plan

As mentioned earlier, this article is going to teach you both how to make a gaming website and set up a multiplayer server. Our goal is to provide tools for any game on which you can set up a public and private host. For that, you’ll need two hosting plans, one for your website and another for the server you want to host.

For your gaming website, you should use the shared hosting option. It’s easy to find excellent shared hosting plans for under $5 per month. Choosing a web host with a good reputation and high performance in shared hosting is a secure option for a low price. Plus, you can always upgrade to a better plan for something you have in mind ahead.

However, in shared hosting for the game server, you will need something more powerful. To set up a multiplayer server people can access, you’re going to need a virtual private server, a server you have full access to, and you can configure any way you want it too.

It is recommended to use the same web host for both your website’s plan and your VPS, which will make it more manageable.

  1. Appropriate Platform for the Gaming Website

Let’s now see and learn the process of making a gaming website using good gaming templates. At this stage, your hosting and domain is ready to use. Your next move should be picking a platform to run your website on.

For this type of project, we recommend using a content management system such as WordPress. Although the platform is often mistakenly considered ‘just for blogging,’ WordPress is capable of handling pretty much any type of project you want to tackle.

In other words, using WordPress gives you the flexibility to create any type of gaming website you want. That includes blogs, a personal website, a gaming news site, etc. making it ideal for learning gaming website processes. However, WordPress isn’t the only fish in the sea when it comes to CMSs. You can look around and find a CMS that you are comfortable with and start working on that! For practice, using WordPress would be an excellent choice for a gaming website. It’s easier to pick up if you’re a beginner and offers plenty of solutions specifically tailored for creating gaming sites. WordPress is the number one choice of beginners around the globe.

Installing WordPress is simple. The platform is popular enough for web hosts to set it up right away. Even if yours doesn’t, the installation process is quite simple, so you can also do it on your own in as little as five minutes.

  1. Customization

Once you have set up your WordPress site with a theme like Blackfyre, that’s where the fun begins. You can now get to work and create your site’s contents, including all the main things you would want your website to have. If you’re not sure where to begin, here are some quick ideas:

  • A blog to discuss the latest gaming news.
  • An “about us” page, so gamers know about you and your team.
  • Gaming server instructions and information.

These may sound complex, though WordPress makes it relatively simple to implement such functions using plugins. In case you’re not familiar, plugins extend WordPress features for you like add-ons and extensions. Right now, WordPress offers more than five thousand plugins on its official repository. WordPress also has many premium features you can choose from that makes your works more accessible. WordPress has plugins for pretty much any If you want to embed a Twitch stream on WordPress. You can do that using the Twitch TV embedded click button plugin, which can show you single streams or multiple one’s side by side. Similarly, if you want to add forum functionality to WordPress, you can also do this using one of several plugins.

Once you’ve got the plugins you need, let’s talk about the gaming themes, which is another reason why WordPress is famous. Themes, particularly Arcane, Blackfyre, Atticus, will also help you to change your gaming website’s appearance with ease. Just like plugins, themes will make it easier for you to use WordPress.

When it comes to themes, you can choose the design of the gaming website from a variety of options. There are several themes explicitly made for gaming purposes. However, there are a few things you should keep in mind to avoid issues:

  • Go with highly reviewed WordPress gaming themes
  • Stay away from themes that haven’t been updated in a while, as they might cause incompatibility problems
  • Might have security vulnerabilities in problematic options.
  • Themes should provide comprehensive documentation
  • Setting up and troubleshooting.

Generally speaking, you have two options when it comes to WordPress themes: multipurpose and focused ones. In multiple cases, you would need website builder tools to enhance your gaming site, which WordPress would provide you with. This will come in handy if you don’t have any coding experience. With this type of tool, you should be able to put together eye-catching and attention-grabbing gaming websites without having to hire a developer to help you. In this way, it is going to be pocket friendly as well!

That’s a lot of information to digest, but once you test a few plugins and themes, you should have a good grasp on what WordPress can give you. After that, it’s just a matter of trial and error with the platform and themes until your website looks exactly as you like it to.

  1. Create a Gaming Server

Out of all the steps of learning how to make a gaming website, this is the one that could sound the most difficult for sure. However, creating a gaming server doesn’t have to be as difficult as you might be picturing it right now. We can sum up this procedure in a few simple steps:

  • Secure a server.
  • Install any secondary app/data of the game you want to host.
  • Make sure your gaming server is set up according to the game you are hosting.
  • Test your new gaming server.
  • Have fun playing with other people!

You’ve already taken care of the first step by securing a VPS hosting plan. The game you want to host is the basis of the next step. Some of the games are way simpler than others, but it’s just a matter of time before you get hold of all of them. However, you can use VPS for a number of games out there. It is for sure, a onetime thing, and then you can flourish your website.

If you want an old multiplayer game and want to set it up, remember that you can always set up a private server for it. These games will usually provide clear instructions and information on how to configure the server. If you get stuck during the process, you can also ask the community for more assistance. This way, it will increase users in your discussion platform.

On top of gaming, you can also use your VPS to host voice chat channels for applications that would be perfect for coordinating with large groups. This makes communications easier as typing between the game can be very difficult and not at all user friendly. Overall, there are tonnes of usage from a VPS, and if you know how to use one for gaming, then you probably already have an excellent grasp on the basics. Take your time and explore it!


Learning how to make a gaming website involves a bit more work than you might have imagined. However, the process is the same for every website out there. You’ll need a domain and hosting to get started and a platform to run your site.

Do you have any questions about how to make a website with WordPress Skywarrior gaming themes? Let us know about them through our contact or e-mail and we will get back to you with the appropriate answer.

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