5 Design Trends For WordPress Gaming Themes In 2015

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wordpress gaming themes designs 2015

5 Design Trends For WordPress Gaming Themes In 2015

Posted on Apr 05, 15 at 5:04 pm / No comments  

Besides functionality, gaming wordpress themes has to live up to its time’s standards. There are 5 leading design trends for WordPress gaming themes in 2015, and we dissect them all below…

WordPress gaming themes: Fullscreen background images

There is something reassuring and super-friendly about a website that’s interactive. And you don’t need much to make it so. Something as simple as a full-screen background image can sometimes suffice.

In other situations, you can opt for a background video or a .gif background. This gives the website a unique feel because as soon as you enter the site, there’s movement that feels like magic (without the annoying autoplay sounds).

To make an idea how this looks like, simply check out our Homepage at Skywarrior Themes. Neat, huh?


Click on the image; it will take you to our Home page

There aren’t a lot of websites that use this feature just yet. You may want to hurry up and get your modern WordPress gaming theme from here.

WordPress gaming themes: Responsive design still rules the game

You don’t have to be a techno-geek to figure out that more & more people access the internet from their smartphones and tablets. Add laptops to that, and your traditional desktop PC is outnumbered by far and large.


There is probably nothing more important than choosing a responsive gaming theme design. No, there really isn’t.

In 2015 (so far) mobile website traffic is increasing all the time. And 60% of global mobile consumers use their smartphone/tablet as their main means of accessing the World Wide Web.

Now, if you want to have a successful website, you’d better make sure it works seamlessly on mobile devices. It’s probably THE biggest trend of the moment (in fact it’s more a “must-have” than a trend).

WordPress gaming themes:  Clean navigation bar & Menu

Having a look at the general trend of WordPress themes, you will notice a lot of them are created using the flat design style. WordPress gaming themes are among the few which don’t follow this trend but stay more on the line of highlights and shadows.

However, regardless of the design style, your users need to navigate on your website in a native, inborn way. This means that every feature they need on a page has to be easily accessible.

It is advised that you choose a WordPress gaming theme that holds on to the traditional Menu bar in the Above the Fold area of your Home page (what a user sees on your Home page before they scroll).


Have you tried the modern Game Addict theme yet?

Game Addict is one of these clean & crisp themes that obeys this rule. If you like to keep things simple, you’ll love this WordPress gaming theme.

WordPress gaming themes: Image- and video- friendly

Sharing your passion for gaming is easy when your website supports high-quality images and videos. The WordPress gaming theme you choose for your website should compliment videos and images.

If you’re looking for a WordPress gaming theme that makes videos & images the heroes on your website, then our newly released Blackfyre is your hero. Not only that, but this theme supports background images (trend number 1), is fully responsive (trend number 2), and it’s easy to navigate (trend number 3).

Watch this video to see how you can create your own online gaming community using this super modern WordPress gaming theme:

WordPress gaming themes: Infinite scrolling grid layouts

Finally, a huge trend for WordPress gaming themes in 2015 is the Gallery grid. If you are familiar with Pinterest, then you already know what we’re talking about: a Gallery section on your website that invites visitors to scroll, and scroll, and scroll…


Are images and visual content a big part of your website? They probably are. So why not emphasise them with a nice-looking WordPress gaming theme? We have just what you need: one of the most successful gaming themes online is our dear Oblivion.

Tell us how you chose the WordPress gaming theme for your website, and the role design trends played in helping you take a decision.

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