Blackfyre: For Your Growing Gaming Community

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Blackfyre: For Your Growing Gaming Community

Posted on Nov 18, 15 at 9:49 am / No comments  

Ever tried creating a gaming community with Blackfyre?

Gaming is more than just shooting or chasing the big prize. Gaming is about strategies, about being dedicated to something, about respecting other’s work, and it is about being a part of a community. And even though it is a gaming community, there are still rules that need to be followed.

Creating a community for your gaming website means that you need a theme to make all your ideas come to life. Blackfyre, a powerful wordpress themes for gaming, does all that!

Today’s article presents how to start your own gaming community with Blackfyre:

Wordpress theme for gaming

Easy To Use

Even if you are at the beginning of your career in gaming, Blackfyre was designed to be accessible to anyone. You have the drag and drop option to manage and create things as you wish. The only thing you need to have is ideas of how to create the best gaming community.

Everyone in your gaming community will enjoy the benefits of playing their favourite games & sharing their experiences in an easy way!

Enjoy Having Clans

Blackfyre also gives you the possibility of creating clans. With the unlimited options you have on your page builder, you get a free hand to create a community as you please.

Invite friends to join clans and challenge other clans to join. Create and enjoy the best matches, and give your users the best gaming experience possible. The matches that are worth remembering can be added to your clan history, and you can watch them again anytime you want.

Admin Power

As an admin of your gaming community website you have all the power. Blackfyre offers you all the tools to manage everything from new users to new games that are becoming popular.

This way, as an admin, you have complete freedom over the actions you want to take. You can either keep content or delete it to your liking, add new content, or edit already existing content so it fits the requirements of your audience.

Responsivity At Its Best

Blackfyre is a responsive theme: it means that both you and your users can enjoy the benefits of having access to your gaming website anytime and anywhere you are, as it fits all type of devices.


Blackfyre was build with the latest and most dynamic page builder in WordPress and Bootstrap so you and your gaming community can have the best experience possible.

No matter where you are and what device you are using, you can keep track of how fast your gaming community is growing.

When using Blackfyre possibilities are endless!

Start working on your ideas and start putting them into practice. Blackfyre is ready through the gaming Skywarrior themes, what are you waiting for?

Now your turn:

  • Have you ever created a gaming community? What were your challenges?


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