Best Gaming WordPress Themes of 2017

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Best Gaming WordPress Themes of 2017

Posted on Feb 02, 17 at 9:43 pm / No comments  

It was a while since we published our last blog post, so we decided to start blogging more consistently and offer lots of valuable information to you!

Most of you already know who we are, but to those who don’t, we are Skywarrior Themes, we make gaming WordPress themes and we love it. We want to take gaming to the next level and we think that all professional teams or individual gamers should have their own website where they can be seen by other players and gaming organizations and also being able to manage all kinds of activities related to their games.

While we were sitting back in our office tweaking our themes and making them better and more enjoyable for you, all of the sudden it crossed our minds to make a list of our favorite gaming themes out there.

We hope this list will help you find themes that will suit your game and make it stand out among others.

So here is our list of Best Gaming WordPress Themes of 2017


Gaming themes

We are proud to introduce you with our most advanced gaming theme so far. Why this theme is most advanced you are going to find out pretty soon.

The main reason we made this theme is because we noticed that a lot of people want to create internal tournaments within certain group of people.

With Arcane we offer a lot of plugins that will help you manage your gaming activities more easy. One of the plugins we offer is premium tournament plugin(link) that includes Knockout, Round Robin, League and Ladder features all in this plugin that we offer with Arcane.

With Arcane you will be able to create communities, tournaments, custom team pages and matches, as well as game reviews and portfolios.

Arcane is fully responsive, fully customizable, from the color to the layout, powered by Visual Composer, the most powerful page builder for WordPress.

And also anyone who buys our premium themes gets lifetime support via our support forums.


We created Blackfyre for gamers that play Dota 2, League of Legends, CS:GO, SMITE, Heroes of the Storm, Overwatch or Heroes of Newerth ( if people still play that 🙂 ) etc.

Why is this theme best for them?

It is because users can create clans/teams and challenge each other, keeping track of the matches, share content and much more!

Some of the main features of Blackfyre are:

Clan war system that will enable you to create and manage team matches

Users within the community can create and manage clans/teams

Predefined page layout for clans/teams for easy creation

Full buddypress support that will enable you to make your own community!

Page builder powered by Visual Composer

Rating System – widget included

Blackfyre has cutting edge design that is fully customizable and have features tuned for gaming. Blackfyre makes front-end experience more fun and ensures that registering, logging in, and posting comments/messages all takes place in an environment with a consistent user experience, you don’t need to switch back and front to WordPress admin panel.


Now, here is the interesting one. If you ever wanted to make magazine that will distribute the news and latest updates about gaming world, then CrystalSkull is your weapon of choice!

If you take a look at our CrystalSkull you can notice that there is plenty of space to show your content no matter how many games you follow. You can engage with your audience and even have build in shop.

CrystalSkull comes with full eCommerce compatibility if you want to sell your gaming merch. With free wooCommerce plugin that comes with this theme, people can buy from your magazine, you can process your orders and ship the products to its new owner, and all that with ease really!

Some of the cool features of CrystalSkull are

An awesome review system

Forum creation with bbpress

WooCommerce support

Video blocks

WPML ready

…and more.


Are you addicted to gaming? Are you passionate about games that you play, do you like being part of a Clan and participate in Clan Wars? If yes, then Game Addict will make you wish you had it sooner.

With all popularity that this theme got online it’s pretty probable that you already crossed paths with Game Addict in the past, but we recently completely redesign it and we added new blocks to it, so if you are an old fan come back and give it a look.

Game Addict comes with clear transparency of the interface and easy to use Clan management system. This one also comes with Visual Composer built in, with it you can build any layout you can imagine with intuitive drag and drop builder – no programming knowledge required.

When speaking in majority, this theme is usually being used for people that love making clans of 10 to 15 members or even more!

We also recently added Owl Carousel which is a neat little carousel with all the perks you could possibly need. It’s Draggable, Swipeable, Fast and Responsive.


Skewed items and it’s dark shady background are one of the things that makes this theme visually pleasing and part of our list. Youplay is theme that is fully blog supported meaning you don’t need to build whole pages when you want to add something new, you just write a post and you are good to go.

This theme enables you to create a WooComerce store, bbPress forum and WordPress blog. It is a creative gaming template for WordPress that allows you to make in depth customisations.

YouPlay has a number of layout options and it uses the Visual Composer page builder meaning you can easily build your pages very quickly so you can have your website set up and running in no time. It is also retina and seo ready!

This theme is suitable for any gaming website or any business opportunity within this industry.


Gameleon is a comprehensive gaming and arcade WordPress theme. It’s complete with a blog, advertisements, and the ability to upload your very own swf flash games from the team. The theme takes advantage of WordPress’ Media uploader and embed functions to add swf games directly to your site.

Gameleon comes in two different but really similar formats, one is used for newspaper and magazine and the second one for gaming/arcade. Gameleon comes packed full of widgets. There are 16 to choose from, and they provide all sorts of useful added features like slider, notification bar plugin and custom login page.


Ithaca is nice looking theme that is designed for gaming reviews, if you like reviewing a game or leading a debate about some recent tournament that had occurred. Ithaca will allow you to share it with others!  

The theme features a modern, grid-style design with a dark colors. It includes a ratings system, slider, five color scheme options and a custom homepage.


This theme is made for gamers that are as we say close to retirement and they like sharing their legendary gaming experience.

Gauge will allow you to create reviews for any kind of content including games, tournaments, team matches etc. All review items has it’s own hub page with tabbed navigation where you can display all the news, videos and images relating to that item. Each item can be reviewed by both admins and users and this all comes packaged in a fully responsive, clean and modern design.


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