To view this template in its full beauty please use Chrome or Firefox. IE makes kittens cry and everybody loves kittens... right?

Installation - Watch video

To install this theme you must have a working version of WordPress already installed. For more info on how to install WordPress please see the WordPress Codex:

Extract the zipped package downloaded from ThemeForest to your desktop, in the extracted package you will find the file which is the WordPress theme.

You can install the theme in two ways:

After uploading the theme, you have to activate it. Navigate to the Appearance -> Themes page to activate the theme.


Changing the URL structure

To change the URL structure so the URL looks more user-friendly (also is better for SEO) navigate to Settings -> Permalinks and under 'Common Settings' select 'Post name' or any other option EXCEPT default.


Uploading the XML file (Importing the demo content)

With the files that you downloaded you should also be able to find a .xml file. This file includes all the content that you can see in the demo file so you can import them to your site and have some initial content to play with. To do this please follow the following steps

Customizing the theme - Watch video

To customize the look and feel of Orizon you need to use the Theme Barracks panel (Theme Options):


General settings

Inside the General Settings tab you will be able to customize the logo and favicon (small icon that appears in the browser tab) by uploading your own images:



In this div you will be able to choose a body colour and a background for your theme. Currently there is no option to upload your own, but I have provided the .PSD and HTML files so you can change the images and overwrite them. There are a lot of tutorials on Youtube on how to use Photoshop and you can always use the 30 days trial if you don't already have it.


Widgets - Watch video

This template supports two widget sidebards: right side and footer.
In both sidebars all the widgets are fully styled, with the exception of the search widget. Please delete the search widget if you haven't done it already. Because this template already has an integrated search, the default search widget from WordPress hasn't been styled and it may cause some trouble.

Adding widgets is very easy, just head to 'Appearance' and then 'Widgets'.

Here you will be able to drag and drop the widgets that you want in one of the two sidebars. I would suggest having only one widget in the footer sidebar, as more than one would cause the footer to look too big.


Homepage - Watch video

The homepage is divided into different sections:


The slider is the top rotating banner and the most important part of the homepage since it displays the most important news to visitors.

You have different options for the customization of the sliders, and this can be accessed by clicking on the Slider tab inside Theme Barracks:


Carousel and General News

'Carousel' refers to the rotating posts underneath the Slider and 'General News' to the posts underneath the carousel.

By accessing the Homepage tab you will be able to change different aspects of these two elements:



The plugin used in this theme is the LayerSlider Premium WP slider which you can find by clicking here

You can find the documentation of the slider by clicking on the documentation link on the top right side when creating a slide.

Also here is a video to get you started made by the author himself.


Creating a post list (category page) - Watch video

To create a fully working post list (category page) please follow these steps:

Quicker and easier way

As we saw in the previous tutorial there is a quicker way to create a category page. Basically just add a category to the menu, which will automatically add the page for you. The only difference between doing it manually is that you can select the number of posts that you want to show in the page since the automatic way only shows 5.


Creating a gallery

The gallery of version 4 onwards have been updated and the old gallery plugin has been deprecated. To use the new plugin you will need to re-create the gallery (sorry for that :/ )

On version 4 of Orizon WP a new isotope gallery has been introduced and the old plugin has been deprecated. To create a new gallery head the the admin panel gallery section after activating the plugin:

To create a new gallery please follow this steps:


Other type of pages - Watch video


Full width

This page has no sidebar, meaning that the content extends the whole width of the site.

You can create a full width page by selected 'Full page' under 'Template'.



The contact page has a form that users can utilise to contact the email address of your choice. You can change the email and subject of the email in 'Theme Options' under the Contact tab.

To create a contact page select 'Contact' under 'Template'.


Forums - bbPress

To be able to have forums in your site, you will need to install bbPress, which is free plugin for Wordpress. Oblivion is fully compatible with bbPress, and you wont need to do any additional steps for it to look as the demo site.


Further help


What we can help you with

We can help you with any questions about how the theme works and any bugs or errors you might find, for example:

What we cannot help you with

Themeforest does not require authors to give support in any way shape or form, nor does your purchase of a ThemeForest item come with any guarantee of support in any way. However, we still spend a great deal of time each week providing support to you guys because it's important to us that you guys get a top-notch product and service.

That said, it is not feasible for me time-wise to provide support beyond questions about how the theme works and fixing any bugs or errors. This includes:

Please do not abuse support

This support is provided completely free of charge. Please remember that a customized WordPress design would normally cost $1500-3000, and for $40-50 you are getting a bargain. For this reason, please do not expect us to tailor the theme to your individual needs, it is not physically possible to do this for each of you.

That said, if you find any errors or bugs, don't hesitate to let us know via the support forum and we will try to get it fixed as soon as possible. At the end of the day, we hope you guys enjoy using this template! If you are happy with it, please don't forget to rate it on ThemeForest! (We will love you forever ^^)