How to Make Money From Video Games Online

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If you have shared with your friends or family that your future job will be related to playing video games – you were probably told off. In some cases, you might have even turned into a joke. Well, what if […]

An Expert SEO Guide: Introduction to SEO Practices, Keywords, Content & SEO Parameters

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Search engine optimization (SEO) is becoming more and more central to all businesses in 2020. As long as a company has an online presence (website, shop, social media channels, forum or blog), SEO is the practice that can help you […]

How to Get into eSports

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This is an often-posed question that can have two very different responses, mainly depending on your intend. Are you looking to work in the eSports industry as a professional? Or, are you interested in becoming a professional eSports player? Indifferently […]

WordPress Gaming Themes

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WordPress gaming themes are one of the very important aspects if you are aiming to create a state of the art platform; which should be the goal of every individual seriously taking themselves in the current fiercely competitive online gaming […]